The MADGETECH PR2000  is a pressure data logger with lcd display and a universal wall adapter. Available in 10 ranges, the PR2000 can fit any application and features a ¼” NPT connector for quick connection.


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MADGETECH PR2000 is a pressure data logger with an LCD display and a universal wall adapter. Available in 10 ranges, the PR2000 can fit any application and features a ¼” NPT connector for quick connection.

The 8-key keypad and LCD display provide convenient access to current statistics (minimum, maximum, average), recording status, display options, and calibration information. With the ability to measure and record up to 262,144 readings, the PR2000 has one of the largest memory capacities of any analog data logger on the market.

 The madgetech pr2000 is compatible with the latest MadgeTech 4 software, making starting, stopping, and downloading simple and easy. Graphical, tabular, and summary data are provided for analysis and can be viewed as customizable engineering units.

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MadgeTech 4 Data Logger Software Overview


calibration certificate

Calibration certificates are available for users who need to meet regulatory requirements. Create permanent records, perform data calculations, and plot data quickly and easily: simply connect an interface cable to an available USB port, and with just a few clicks, data is downloaded and ready to review or export to Excel®.

Frequency Asked Questions  

What does a pressure recorder do?

The pressure logger is capable of storing relative pressure, absolute pressure, temperature, current, and voltage. They can collect readings as fast as ten times per second and can store up to 1 million data points

Madgetech Pr2000 Pressure Recorder

Madgetech PR2000 Features

  • Digital Display
  • ¼ Inch NPT Fitting
  • Memory Capacity of 262,000+ Readings
  • Large, backlit LCD display
  • High-speed download
  • Real-time operation
  • User-selectable measurement units
  • Min./max. & average statistics
  • Programmable start/stop time
  • Convenient status indicators
  • User-replaceable batteries
  • secure validation software

the items mentioned above are the most important madgetech pr2000 features

 PR2000 Specifications:

  • Memory: 262,144 readings
  • Battery Life: 1-year battery life at a 1-minute reading rate with the display off, 30 days typical with continuous display use. An optional AC adapter is available.
  • Dimensions: 5.1 in x 4.8 in x 1.705 (130 mm x 122 mm x 43.3 mm)
  • Pressure Sensor Semiconductor (strain gauge)
  • Pressure Range 0 to 30, 100, 300, and 500 PSIA/G: 0 to 1000 and 5000 PSIA
  • Required Interface Package: IFC200
  • Pressure Calibrated Accuracy: 2 %FSR, 0.25 % at +25 °C (+77 °F) Typical
  • DC9V
  • IFC200
  • MN1500 AA Battery


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MadgeTech, Inc. is a data collection company based in Warner, New Hampshire, USA. It was founded in October 1996. The company designs build and tests sensors that monitor and measure everything from humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and temperature to speed and pressure. For example, he built humidity monitors for the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to protect priceless works of art from damage caused by their surroundings.



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