MadgeTech TCTEMPXLCD Thermocouple Data Logger

The TCTempXLCD includes a 4 and 8-channel thermocouple-based temperature data logger with LCD screen for real-time monitoring. Includes ISO17025 accredited calibration certificate.

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MadgeTech TCTEMPXLCD Thermocouple Data Logger

A thermocouple-based multi-channel temperature data logger with a sizable LCD screen is called the MadgeTech TCTempXLCD. Currently, this freshly redesigned logger comes with 4 or 8 thermocouple channels.

A sizable digital display is included on the TCTempX4LCD and TCTempX8LCD for examining current measurements as well as minimum, maximum, and average information. The MadgeTech 4 Software can then download the data immediately, without the requirement for an interface, for automatic reporting.

The TCTempXLCD supports a variety of thermocouples and is simply mountable, making it perfect for simultaneously monitoring many points in an application.

The most recent MadgeTech 4 Software is compatible with the TCTempXLCD, making starting, halting, and downloading straightforward and hassle-free. Engineering units that can be customized are offered for analysis in the form of graphic, tabular, and summary data.

Whether it’s for several points in a single area or remote temperature monitoring, the TCTempX4LCD and TCTempX8LCD are excellent choices. For real-time monitoring, data from every channel is concurrently logged and shown on the screen. Then, a PC can download it for additional analysis.

MadgeTech TCTEMPXLCD Features

  • Large Backlit LCD Display
  •  User-Friendly Front Panel
  •  Monitor Multiple Points
  •  Accepts thermocouple types  J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N
  •  High-speed downloading
  •  On-screen statistics
  •  External power or user-replaceable battery
  •  Low battery indicator
  • High temperature data logger


  • Warehouse Monitoring
  • Refrigerator Monitoring
  •  Medical and Pharmaceutical
  •  Oven Monitoring
  •  Smoke Houses
  •  Food Processing
  •  HVAC
  •  Engine Studies

MadgeTech TCTEMPXLCD Specifications

To get the specifications of this product please download the Datasheet.

TCTEMPXLCD Accessories

  • Micro USB Cable
  • Type E 36″/72″ Thermocouple with SMP
  • Type J 36″/72″ Thermocouple with SMP
  • Type K 36″ Thermocouple 6″ Sheath
  • Type K 36″ Thermocouple with Magnetic Mount
  • MadgeTech thermovault
  • MadgeTech titan s8
  • Tctempx16
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MadgeTech, Inc. is a data collection company based in Warner, New Hampshire, USA. It was founded in October 1996. The company designs build and tests sensors that monitor and measure everything from humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and temperature to speed and pressure. For example, he built humidity monitors for the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to protect priceless works of art from damage caused by their surroundings.