Megger LTW335-2 Wire Non-tripping Loop Impedance Testers

The new Megger Megger LTW335-2 Loop Impedance Tester is a time saving loop tester that eliminates the risk of incorrect connections. It uses two wire earth loop testers to verify the loop impedance of a live electrical circuit without the need to disconnect the electrical supply.

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Megger LTW335-2 Wire Non-tripping Loop Impedance Testers

The Megger LTW335 Loop Impedance Tester is a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of electrical testing, particularly suited for environments where quick and reliable loop impedance measurements are critical. This tester is part of the LTW300 series and is renowned for its ability to conduct two-wire, non-trip loop testing across a wide voltage range from 50V to 440V AC without the need to disconnect the power supply.

Megger LTW335-2 features

A standout feature of the LTW335 is its dependable two-wire testing capability, which is particularly beneficial in scenarios where the neutral is absent or hard to access, such as with light switches or systems utilizing a 110V center-tapped supply. This feature ensures that the LTW335 can perform tests safely and effectively, reducing the risk of incorrect connections and the potential for tripping 30mA RCDs. Such reliability is crucial for maintaining system integrity and operational continuity during inspections.

Utilizing the latest in digital processing technology, the Megger LTW335 separates the test signal from the fundamental frequency of the supply. This advanced technique allows for non-trip testing without the need for DC injection, enhancing both safety and convenience. By automatically averaging numerous results throughout the testing period, the LTW335 ensures accurate measurements even in complex and noise-prone electrical environments.

The LTW335 also comes equipped with standard features such as Prospective Fault Current (PFC) calculations, adding another layer of diagnostic capability. These features make the LTW335 not only a powerful tool for detecting potential issues but also for planning and verifying electrical system capacity and safety compliance.

Designed with the needs of today’s electrical contractors in mind, the Megger LTW335 is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use in a competitive market. Its robust construction and user-friendly interface make it an essential tool for anyone in the field of electrical testing and maintenance. The LTW335 is especially valued for its ability to streamline testing processes, reduce testing time, and eliminate common testing errors, thereby supporting electrical contractors in delivering safe and efficient service.


  • Two wire loop impedance measurement.
  • Phase to Earth testing.
  • Phase to Neutral testing.
  • Guaranteed not to trip working RCDs of up to 30mA.
  • Three phase circuits with RCD protection can also be tested.
  • Test runs for approx. 10 secs.
  • Sophisticated noise detection circuitry that monitors supply to ensure accuracy.
  • Additional 10 secs is required if electrical noise is detected that could affect results.
  • High current test used for supplies with no RCD.
  • Auto-start function will start loop test running as soon as leads are connected.
  • Enables testing on 110V centre tapped supplies.
  • Frequency measurement.
  • PFC calculation up to 20KA.
  • Test results are displayed to a resolution of 0.01Ω.
  • Backlit display.
  • Three-phase safe and Category IV 300V rated.
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Megger since 1889 is a leading global premium manufacturer of measurement and testing technology. Megger top priority has always been to make your everyday work easier and safer. As such, insulation testers, micro-ohmmeters, and multimeters are among the long line of Megger inventions, making this brand one of the pioneers in the electrical industry. Megger products combine many years of experience and the valued feedback from our global users with the inventiveness and conscientiousness of our product developers. In Germany, we manufacture at three sites, Aachen, and Baunach near Bamberg and Radeburg near Dresden. Other manufacturing locations are based in Sweden, England, and America.


Data Sheet

Data Sheet


Technical Specifications: Two-Wire Loop Impedance Tester

Feature Description
Testing Method Two wire loop impedance measurement
Testing Configurations Phase to Earth, Phase to Neutral, Phase to Phase
RCD Protection Guaranteed not to trip working RCDs of up to 30mA
Three Phase Testing Can test three-phase circuits with RCD protection
Test Duration Approximately 10 seconds, additional 10 seconds for noise detection
Noise Detection Sophisticated circuitry monitors supply to ensure accuracy
High Current Test For supplies without RCD
Auto-start Function Tests start automatically when leads are connected
Voltage Range Suitable for testing on 110V centre tapped supplies
Frequency Measurement Capability to measure frequency
PFC Calculation Up to 20KA
Display Resolution Results displayed to a resolution of 0.01Ω
Display Type Backlit display for clarity in various lighting conditions
Safety Rating Three-phase safe and Category IV 300V rated