Megger Overhead line testing system

Megger Overhead line testing system key features:

  • Easy to operate
  • Very good resolution at close and long range
  • Dangerous induction voltages reliably discharged
  • Test pulse up to 1,500 V for long distances
  • For distances over 2,000 km
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Megger Overhead line testing system

The Megger Overhead Line Testing System is a critical tool designed for the inspection and maintenance of overhead electrical lines. This system is adept at identifying impedance irregularities such as short circuits, line breaks, and various intermediate conditions in disconnected overhead lines across all voltage levels. By revealing these issues, the system plays a crucial role in ensuring the operational integrity and safety of power distribution networks.

This testing system is most commonly utilized to evaluate overhead lines before they are re-energized. This pre-energization check is essential to prevent damage caused by traveling waves that occur when the lines are powered up. Such waves can exacerbate existing faults, potentially leading to catastrophic failures that could cause extensive damage and pose serious safety risks, including fatal accidents.

Regular inspections using the Megger Overhead Line Testing System are recommended to monitor the condition of these lines continuously. Changes in the line, which could indicate developing faults or deteriorations in line health, can be detected early, allowing for timely repairs and maintenance. This proactive approach to line management helps in maintaining consistent service reliability and extends the lifespan of the infrastructure.

A notable feature of this testing system is its specially designed switch-on mechanism and overall design that prioritize safety. These features significantly reduce the risks associated with induced voltages and currents during testing. By protecting operators from these potential hazards, the system not only ensures the safety of the personnel but also prevents damage to the testing equipment itself.

Megger Overhead line testing system specifications:

  • Distance range: 20 m …1280 km bei v/2 = 80 m/μs
  • Pulse width: 20 ns …10 μs
  • Pulse amplitude: 30 … 160 V
  • Resolution: 0,1 m @ v/2 80 m/μs
  • Sampling rate: Up to 400 MHz (real sampling rate)
  • Gain: 37 … + 37 db
  • De-attenuation: 0 … + 22 dB for ProRange
  • Transit time setting: V/2 10 … 149,9 m/μs, ft/μs or nvp
  • Dynamic range: > 80 dB
  • Display: 15“ colour TFT SXGA, CCFL backlight
  • Memory: 2GB flash for Data
  • Ports: Ethernet, USB, RS232, DVI

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Megger since 1889 is a leading global premium manufacturer of measurement and testing technology. Megger top priority has always been to make your everyday work easier and safer. As such, insulation testers, micro-ohmmeters, and multimeters are among the long line of Megger inventions, making this brand one of the pioneers in the electrical industry. Megger products combine many years of experience and the valued feedback from our global users with the inventiveness and conscientiousness of our product developers. In Germany, we manufacture at three sites, Aachen, and Baunach near Bamberg and Radeburg near Dresden. Other manufacturing locations are based in Sweden, England, and America.


Data Sheet

Data Sheet


Device Specifications
Feature Specification
Distance range 20 m – 1280 km at v/2 = 80 m/μs
Pulse width 20 ns – 10 μs
Pulse amplitude 30 – 160 V
Resolution 0.1 m at v/2 80 m/μs
Sampling rate Up to 400 MHz (real sampling rate)
Gain – 37 to + 37 dB
De-attenuation 0 to + 22 dB for ProRange
Transit time setting V/2 10 to 149.9 m/μs, ft/μs or nvp
Dynamic range > 80 dB
Display 15“ colour TFT SXGA, CCFL backlight
Memory 2GB flash for Data
Ports Ethernet, USB, RS232, DVI