PCE-RT 10 Roughness Tester

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PCE-RT 10 Roughness Tester

The PCE-RT 10 is a roughness tester designed to measure the surface texture or roughness of materials. This device is typically used in manufacturing and material science to ensure that surfaces meet specific roughness standards, which are critical for the performance and durability of mechanical components.

The tester is portable, making it convenient for use both in the lab and in field settings, allowing users to conduct on-the-spot assessments of material surfaces. It’s especially valuable in quality control processes where precise surface specifications are required.

The surface texture meter is used as a control tool in various mechanical manufacturing processes. This device displays all measured results in real-time on its LCD screen. To assess the roughness of a surface, the sensor must be positioned directly on it. The sensor then uniformly samples the surface as it moves along its guide rail.

PCE-RT 10 Key Features

  • Ra and Rz measurement range
  • Induction principle
  • LCD display with background lights
  • With threshold function
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy handling
  • Diamond sensor
  • Low fluctuation on display

PCE-RT 10 Specifications

StandardsGB/T6062, ISO4287, DIN4768, JIS B, ANSI46.1
ParametersRa, Rz
RangeRa: 0.05~10.00 µm  Rz: 0.1~50.0 µm
Accuracy±15 %
Fluctuation of Display Value10 %
Resolution0,001 / 0,01 / 0,1
Radius of Probe Pin10 µm
Material of Probe PinDiamond
Measurement Force of Probe16 mN(1.6gf)
Probe Angle90º
Vertical Radius of Guiding Head48 mm
Maximum Driving Stroke12,5 mm / 0,5 inch
Cutoff length(l)0,25 mm, 0,8 mm, 2,5 mm
Driving Speed
Samplingwhen Length = 0,25 mm,Vt = 0,135 mm/s
Samplingwhen Length =0,8 mm, Vt = 0,5 mm/s
Samplingwhen Length =2,5 mm,Vt = 1 mm/s
ReturningVt = 1 mm/s
Evaluation Length1~2L Optional
Operating ConditionsTemp: 0 ~ 50 ºC  Humidity: <80 % RH
Power Supply4 x 1.5 V AA (UM-3) Battery
Dimensions128 x 80 x 30 mm
Weight280 g
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