Schutz Messtechnik GM 3100-SC-IR Complete set


  • Semiconductor sensor ppm CH4
  • Infrared sensor Vol.% CH4

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Schutz Messtechnik GM 3100-SC-IR Complete set

Item number: G01.870

The Schutz Messtechnik GM 3100 Complete set SC-IR is a comprehensive instrumentation package designed for specialized measurement tasks. This set typically includes tools and accessories necessary for conducting accurate infrared scanning and other related measurement techniques. While the exact contents can vary, such a complete set usually features a core device capable of sensitive and precise measurements, supplemented with various sensors and attachments that enhance its functionality across different applications.

The GM 3100 consistently delivers highly accurate results across various tasks. This precision is made possible because the device can be recalibrated for different measuring assignments and environments. It tracks the aspirated volume flow and adjusts to any changes in the measurement surroundings. This capability not only guarantees dependable measurements but also ensures excellent stability and consistent response times in the device’s performance.

Schutz Messtechnik GM 3100-SC-IR Spicifications

DisplayLCD, illuminated
Alarmacoustical, optical40
Measured data memory40 Measurements
 Measuring range1 ppm – 2,2 Vol.% CH4 0 – 100 Vol.% CH4
GasesMethane, Natural gas
Operating Temperature-20°C to 40°C
Power supplyBattery, 3x 1,5V Monocells or Akku, 3x 1,2V Monocells (included in delivery)
Operating Time12 hours
Dimensions215 x 60 x 100mm
CasingAluminum, powder coated
Interfaceserial, RS232 Bluetooth, Option
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