testo 316 1 – gas leak detector natural gas pipes

testo 316-1 

Gas leaks in natural gas pipelines must be detected using geology since they pose major threats including fire, explosion, and pipe expansion. Using this tool, you can locate a gas leak quickly and take the appropriate safety precautions, such as turning off the gas, fixing pipes, and resolving the gas leak issue.

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testo 316 1 – gas leak detector natural gas pipes

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A tool used to find and locate gas leaks in natural gas pipes is known as a “Gas Leak Detector” or “Natural Gas Pipe Gas Leak Detector.” This tool can assist you in finding gas leaks in natural gas-related pipelines and equipment in residences, structures, workplaces, and other locations.

Product Overview

Whether the seals are aging or the pipe has hairline cracks: Even the smallest natural gas line leaks can have serious consequences. Once you have identified a gas leak, such as with a leak meter, the Testo 316-1 electronic gas leak detector can help you locate the leak.

Application & function Testo 316-1 gas leak detector

Utilize the Testo 316 1 gas leak detector to quickly find methane.

The gas leak detector is impressive for how user-friendly it is. For instance, the rotary knob’s sensitivity setting is simple to change. From 200 ppm CH 4 onwards, the gas leak detector produces an audible and visible yellow level alert. Red is the new color of the LED alert at 10,000 ppm CH 4. You can therefore tell when you are getting close to the leak. The flexible sensor makes it possible to locate the gas leak even in the smallest crevices and access awkward or difficult-to-reach areas.

You can now give your testo gas leak detector a dirt-repellent safety cover that also shields it from impact with the optional TopSafe protective cover.

testo 316 1 – gas leak detector natural gas pipes features

  • methane (CH₄)
  • measuring range:100 to 10000ppm CH₄
  • Lower response thresholds:100 ppm
    1. Alarm threshold:200 ppm CH₄ (LED yellow)
    2. Alarm threshold:10000 ppm CH₄ (LED red)
  • The electronic gas leak detector Testo 316-1 and a battery are included.
  • leak detector with flexible probe

testo 316 1 – gas leak detector natural gas pipes specifications

  • operating humidity:0 to 95%RH
  • Weight:300g
  • reaction time:t₉₀ < 5 s
  • Dimensions:190 x 57 x 42 mm (without probe)
  • operating temperatur:+4 to +45 °C
  • heat-up time:30s
  • battery type:9V block battery
  • Battery life:> 5 hrs
  • storage temperature:-20 to +50 °C

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Testo 316 1 Gas Leak Detector Natural Gas Pipes

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