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Megger HVB10-High Voltage Bridge For Fault Location In Long Cable


  • Top class measurement and accuracy
  • Automatic test sequence
  • Bi-polar prelocation for the elimination of external influences
  • Detection and indication of wrong connections
  • Only one HV connection cable
  • Completely independent of the parameters of auxiliary lines
  • easyGo operating system
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Megger HVB10-High Voltage Bridge For Fault Location In Long Cable

The Megger HVB10 High Voltage Bridge emerges as a premier solution for fault location in long cables, designed with a sharp focus on high accuracy and reliability. Engineered specifically for long high voltage (HV) cables, the HVB10 excels in locating cable and sheath faults, performing sheath testing, and pinpointing sheath faults with unparalleled precision. This makes it an essential tool for utilities and other entities managing extensive cable networks, where minimizing downtime and accelerating repair processes are crucial.

Key Features of the Megger HVB10:

  • Top Class Measurement and Accuracy: The HVB10 is renowned for its exceptional resolution and accuracy, making it capable of identifying even the most subtle faults in complex cable systems.
  • Automatic Test Sequence: Simplifies the testing process by automating the sequence of operations, reducing the potential for human error and speeding up the fault location process.
  • Bi-polar Pre-location: This advanced feature eliminates external influences that could skew test results, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of fault location.
  • Single High Voltage Connection Cable: Enhances ease of use and setup efficiency, as only one connection cable is needed for the high voltage tests.
  • Independent of Auxiliary Line Parameters: Operates completely independently of the characteristics of auxiliary lines, which is particularly advantageous in complex network environments.
  • Easy Go Operating System: The user-friendly interface ensures that operators can manage the system efficiently, making complex diagnostics more accessible.
  • Fault Detection and Wrong Connection Indication: The system not only detects faults but also alerts operators to any wrong connections, enhancing safety and accuracy during the testing process.

Fault Location Methods:

Standard Mode: Ideal for typical sheath faults with resistance values up to several hundred kiloohms and shield cross-sections in the range of 25 to 50 mm². This mode can complete measurements in about 30 seconds, offering swift and effective fault analysis.

High Accuracy Mode: Utilizes the full capabilities of the instrument’s measuring and control circuits to pre-locate high-resistive faults, such as those in the inner insulation of paper-insulated lead-covered (PILC) cables. This mode takes approximately one minute to complete the algorithm, making it suitable for more challenging and complex fault conditions.

The HVB10 also incorporates an intermittent fault detection function, which is crucial for addressing faults that occur sporadically and are difficult to detect with standard equipment. This function adapts the load to enable faster cable charging, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the fault location process.

Ideal for use on pilot cables, communication cables, and other similar applications, the Megger HVB10 High Voltage Bridge is a vital asset for any power utility or service company aiming to maintain the integrity and functionality of their cable networks. Its blend of precision, ease of use, and robust capabilities makes it a top choice for professionals seeking to reduce operational disruptions and ensure continuous power delivery.

Megger HVB10-High Voltage Bridge specifications:

  • Output voltage: 0 … 10 kV DC, bi-polar
  • Output current:200 mA @ 0.5 … 1.5 kV,60 mA @ 5 kV,30 mA @ 10 kV
  • Max. test object capacity25 μF
  • Test voltage0 … – 10 kV
  • Accuracy:± 0,1 %
  • Pinpointing:0 … – 10 kV DC, pulsed
  • Voltage: 0.5:1 / 1:2 / 1.5:0.5 / 1.5:3.5
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Data Sheet


Specification Value
Output Voltage 0 … 10 kV DC, bi-polar
Output Current 200 mA @ 0.5 … 1.5 kV, 60 mA @ 5 kV, 30 mA @ 10 kV
Max. Test Object Capacity 25 μF
Test Voltage 0 … -10 kV
Accuracy ± 0.1 %
Pinpointing 0 … -10 kV DC, pulsed
Voltage Ratios 0.5:1 / 1:2 / 1.5:0.5 / 1.5:3.5