MEGGER VLF Sine Wave 45 kV Cable Tester

The MEGGER VLF Sine Wave 45 kV CABLE TESTER with optional integrated tanδ, is a compact system for commissioning, testing and condition analysis of medium-voltage cables. This unit performs very low frequency (VLF), DC, and sheath integrity testing as well as sheath fault pinpointing when combined with the optional ESG NT step voltage probe.

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The MEGGER VLF Sine Wave 45 kV Cable Tester stands out in the field of electrical equipment testing, particularly for medium voltage cables. Compact and versatile, this test system is not only capable of very low frequency (VLF) testing but also DC and sheath integrity assessments. It is engineered to support comprehensive commissioning, routine testing, and detailed condition analysis of cable installations.

One of the most notable features of the VLF Sine Wave 45 kV is its optional integrated tan delta diagnostic system. This feature enhances the capability of the tester by providing detailed insights into the cable’s insulation condition, thus allowing for more accurate and preventive maintenance measures. When used alongside the optional ESG NT step voltage probe, the system can also perform sheath fault pinpointing, making it a robust tool for identifying and localizing faults within the cable sheath.

The unit offers testing flexibility with settings for 0.1 Hz sine wave, rectangular, and DC voltage tests. This flexibility is complemented by enhanced voltage quality and stability, which are crucial for accurate testing and diagnostics. Furthermore, the VLF Sine Wave 45 kV is designed with an integrated breakdown detection system. This safety feature automatically halts the test if excessive charge is detected, thereby helping to prevent any further damage to the cable under test.

For ease of data management and reporting, the tester is equipped with a substantial internal memory that can store up to 1000 measurements. These results can be readily accessed on the unit itself or transferred via a USB drive to the included Easyprot software. This software simplifies the process of creating detailed reports and archiving test results for future reference.

MEGGER VLF Sine Wave 45 kV CABLE TESTER Specifications:

  • Vlf Test Voltage:0 to 45 kV peak
  • Frequency:0.01 to 0.1 Hz
  • Wave Form:Sine
  • Testing cable capacitance (at max. voltage) DC:0.6 µF
  • Output current measurement:0 to 20 mA
  • Sheath testing:0 to 5 kV, 10 kV, 20 kV
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Megger since 1889 is a leading global premium manufacturer of measurement and testing technology. Megger top priority has always been to make your everyday work easier and safer. As such, insulation testers, micro-ohmmeters, and multimeters are among the long line of Megger inventions, making this brand one of the pioneers in the electrical industry. Megger products combine many years of experience and the valued feedback from our global users with the inventiveness and conscientiousness of our product developers. In Germany, we manufacture at three sites, Aachen, and Baunach near Bamberg and Radeburg near Dresden. Other manufacturing locations are based in Sweden, England, and America.


DATA sheet

Data Sheet


Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Vlf Test Voltage 0 to 45 kV peak
Frequency 0.01 to 0.1 Hz
Wave Form Sine
Testing cable capacitance (at max. voltage) DC 0.6 µF
Output current measurement 0 to 20 mA
Sheath testing 0 to 5 kV, 10 kV, 20 kV