Schutz Messtechnik GMS 4000 SC-IR 100%, CO2, H2S, C2H6 (G02.913)


  • Semiconductor sensor ppm CH4
  • Infrared sensor Vol.% CH4
  • Infrared sensor Vol.% CO2
  • Electrochemical ppm H2S
  • Gas chromatography Determination of the gas composition

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Schutz Messtechnik GMS 4000 SC-IR 100%, CO2, H2S, C2H6 (G02.913)

Item number: G02.913

The Schutz Messtechnik GMS 4000 SC-IR is a multifunctional gas detection device used for inspecting gas pipelines, measuring various gases, and performing room air monitoring. It employs infrared technology to precisely detect natural gas and CO2 without cross-sensitivity to other gases. Additional capabilities include measurements of methane, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide with optional sensors. This model is robust, portable, and integrates Bluetooth and GPS for data logging and navigation during field operations.

Schutz Messtechnik GMS 4000 Key Features

  • Large LCD display with automatic lighting
  • Infrared measurement technology for CH4 and CO2
  • Gas analysis in the differentiation of ethane and propane from a few ppm
  • Electrochemical measurement technology for O2, CO, H2S (optional)
  • Integrated GPS receiver with data storage
  • Integrated Bluetooth interface
  • Free PC software for file transfer

Schutz Messtechnik GMS 4000 SC-IR (G02.913) Spcefications

Measuring Range1 ppm – 2.2 Vol.% CH4
0 – 100 Vol.% CH4
0 – 100 Vol.% CO2
0 – 100 ppm H2S
Gases DetectedMethane, Natural gas, Ethan, Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen sulfide
Calibration GasMethane
Operating Temperature-20°C to 40°C
EX ProtectionII 2G EEx ib d IIB T3
SuitabilityEx Zone 1, 2
Power SupplyRechargeable batteries, 3x 1.2V Monocells (included)
Operating Time<12 hours
Dimensions250 x 65 x 120 mm
CasingAluminum, powder-coated
InterfaceRS232 series, Bluetooth, GPS
Scope of DeliveryGMS 4000
230V charger
100 Anti-dust filters
Carrying case
Operating instructions
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