Kyoritsu Digital Multimeters Model  kew 1020R

Kyoritsu Digital Multimeters Model  kew 1020 R Key Features :

Large display with 6000 counts and Backlight
• True-RMS
• MIN/MAX function
• Rugged and reliable
• Clamp sensor mode
• IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 300V / CAT III 600V / CAT II 1000V

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Kyoritsu Digital Multimeters Model  kew 1020 R

The function of a multimeter or ohmmeter is to measure the amount of resistance, the amount of AC voltage, the amount of DC voltage, and the amperage, and it is called a multimeter or multimeter. Multimeters are divided into two general categories: digital and analog multimeters. This device is a kind of digital multimeter with a 6000 data display and a large screen for easy viewing of measured values. This device complies with the IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 300V / CAT III 600V / CAT II 1000V safety standard designed and built.

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Kyoritsu Digital Multimeters Model  kew 1020 R Specifications

  • DC V:6.000/60.00/600.0/1000V (auto range),±0.5%rdg ±3dgt (6/60/600V),±0.8%rdg ±3dgt (1000V)
  • DC mV:600.0mV,±1.5%rdg ±3dgt
  • DC Clamp Sensor:60.00/200.0A (auto range),±1.5%rdg ±3dgt + Sensor accuracy
  • AC V:6.000/60.00/600.0/1000V (auto range),±1.0%rdg ±3dgt [40 – 500Hz] (6/60/600V),±1.3%rdg ±3dgt [40 – 500Hz] (1000V)
  • AC mV:600.0mV,±2.0%rdg ±3dgt [40 – 500Hz]
  • AC Clamp Sensor:60.00/200.0A (auto range),±2.0%rdg ±3dgt + Sensor accuracy [40 – 500Hz]
  • Ω:600.0Ω/6.000/60.00/600.0kΩ/6.000/40.00MΩ (auto range),±0.5%rdg ±4dgt (600Ω),±0.5%rdg ±2dgt (6/60/600kΩ/6MΩ),±1.5%rdg ±3dgt (40MΩ)
  • Diode test: Open-loop voltage: < 3.0V
  • Capacitance:60.00/600.0nF/6.000/60.00/600.0/1000µF,±2.0%rdg ±5dgt (60/600nF),±5.0%rdg ±5dgt (6/60/600/1000µF)
  • Frequency:99.99/999.9Hz/9.999/99.99kHz ±0.1%rdg ±3dgt
  • DUTY:10.0 – 90.0% ±1.0%rdg ±3dgt [50/60Hz]
  • Applicable standards: IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 300V / CAT III 600V / CAT II 1000V
    IEC 61010-2-033, IEC 61010-031, IEC 61326-2-2 (EMC), EN 50581 (RoHS)

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1 review for Kyoritsu Digital Multimeters Model  kew 1020R

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  1. Everleigh

    very good value. its for professionals

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