PCE-MO 2010 Micro-ohm meter

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PCE-MO 2010 Micro-ohm meter

The PCE-MO 2010 Milli-Ohmmeter is a precision instrument designed for measuring low resistance values in various industrial and laboratory applications. This device is essential for tasks requiring high accuracy in resistance measurement, such as quality control in manufacturing processes, electrical maintenance, and product testing.

The illuminated LC display of the milliohm meter makes it easy to read the measurement results even in low light conditions. With an internal memory of up to 200 measured values ​​and a low battery indicator, the device is very easy to use and makes the millimeter an important tool for preventive maintenance. The data can be transferred to the software via the RS232 interface, and the written document containing the measurement data can be exported. The practical case and test nut housing make it easy to transport the measuring instrument.

PCE-MO 2010 Key Features

  • 7 selectable measuring ranges
  • 4-wire measuring method
  • LC display 5.1 inch with illumination
  • Internal memory
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Date and time display

PCE-MO 2010 Specifications

Measuring range0 µΩ … 200 µΩ
Resolution0.1 µΩ
Accuracy±(2% + 8 digit)
Measuring range0 µΩ … 2000 µΩ
Resolution1 µΩ
Accuracy±(2% + 8 digit)
Measuring range0 mΩ … 20 mΩ
Resolution0.01 mΩ
Accuracy±(1% + 4 digit)
Measuring range0 mΩ … 200 mΩ
Resolution0.1 mΩ
Accuracy±(1% + 4 digit)
Measuring range0 Ω … 2 Ω
Resolution1 mΩ
Accuracy±(1% + 4 digit)
Measuring range0 Ω … 20 Ω
Resolution0.01 Ω
Accuracy±(1% + 4 digit)
Measuring range0 Ω … 200 Ω
Resolution0.1 Ω
Accuracy±(1% + 4 digit)
General technical data
Display typeLCD with illumination
Display size5.1 inch
Storage mediumInternal memory
Memory capacity200 values
Standard(s)IEC61010-1, EN 61326-1
Automatic switch-off3 min
Safety standardCAT III 300V
Measurement method4-wire method for mΩ measurement
Test current10 A: 200.0 μΩ / 2000 μΩ
1 A: 20.00 mΩ / 200.0 mΩ
100 mA: 2.000 Ω / 20.00 Ω
10 mA: 200.0 Ω
Menu languageEnglish
Protection class (device)IP30
Power supply24 VDC / 0.625 A
Plug typeEuro plug device
Weight3126 g
Dimensions (L x W x H)322 x 260 x 135 mm
Operating conditions0 … 40 °C , 0 … 80 % r.H
Storage conditions0 … 40 °C , 0 … 40 % r.H
Accumulator/battery1x 14.8 V , lithium-ion battery
Capacity5200 mAh
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