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Testo 316-3 refrigerant leak detector

If you’re using the Refrigerant Leak Detector (Testo 316-3), you can quickly and accurately detect any leaks of refrigerant gas in your air conditioning or refrigeration system. This will allow you to take the necessary steps to maintain and repair the system if needed.

To buy a testo 316 3 refrigerant leak detector be in touch with our experts. We offer various models of Testo on our website which you can compare from different sides and choose the best one for your requirement.




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Testo 316-3 refrigerant leak detector

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The Testo 316-3 leak detector is a great alternative if you need a reliable tool to find leaks in refrigeration engineering. In order to ensure compliance with the relevant norms and standards, it is capable of detecting even the smallest leaks and is compatible with all regularly used refrigerants. It is therefore a crucial tool for refrigeration specialists.

Product Overview

A Testo 316 3 leak detector is necessary if you operate with refrigeration equipment. It has great sensitivity to find even the smallest leaks, can accurately detect all common refrigerants, and employs automated zeroing to find leaks in contaminated situations.

Function testo refrigerant leak detector 316-3

By utilizing sensors that are sensitive to cooling gas, this device can detect the presence of gas within a system. It will inform the user of any gas leaks and provide details on the type of leak detected.


If you work in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, a refrigerant leak detector is an essential tool for identifying leaks and defects in your systems. Leaks of cooling gas can cause serious technical problems and degrade system performance, so it’s crucial to catch them early. A refrigerant leak detector can help you do just that.

Testo 316-3 refrigerant leak detector features

  • Can detect all the most common cooling agents: CFCs, HFCs, FCs
  • Highly sensitive – detects even the smallest leaks
  • Easy-to-use one-button operation
  • Complies with specifications for F gases regulations, SAE Code J1627, and DIN EN 14624:2012 standard

Testo 316-3 refrigerant leak detector specifications

  • Operating humidity: 20 to 80 %RH
  • Weight: 500 g (batteries included)
  • Dimensions: 270 x 60 x 61mm
  • Operating temperature: -18 to +50°C
  • detectable: R22; R134a; R404A; R410A; R507; R438A; and all CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs
  • testo 316 3 Sensor life: approx. 80 … 100 h (i.e. approx. 1 year)
  • Sensitivity: 4g/a (0.15oz/a)
  • Standards: EN 14624:2012; SAE J1627
  • EU/EC Directives: 2004/108/EC
  • Battery type: 2x D
  • Autonomy: 16 hours of continuous operation
  • Storage temperature: 0 to +50°C
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